Scholarships & Opportunities

Scholarships and Opportunities
 meet our first scholarship recipient:
chelsea lotz

NOTE: Video submissions can ONLY be viewed on a computer.  To watch via phone or tablet, click on each name .
below meet our 3 finalists!
Angelina Ajdukovic
Killian Henson
Rebekah Patterson

Application Process: CLOSED!

Scholarship details

$5,000 Flight Training Scholarship
Bose A20 Headset
 Kings School PPL Online Course
Jet Aviva Gift Bag
Aviation Life Clothing Gift Certificate
Base Turn Clothing Gift Certificate

Eligibility Requirements:
Must be Female
Females between the ages of 18-26
Females seeking their Private Pilots License
Must be a United States Citizen

Education = Smarter and Safer Pilots

Knowledge is Power

Education is key to all stages of flight training. Whether it is ground school, FAA Approved Aviation Courses, Books, Reading Material and all aviation related activities.  All of which help to ensure these young women become smarter and safer pilots. As much as flying is fun, one must know at all times how to mitigate risk, follow checklists, apply Single Pilot and Crew Resource Management and most importantly, know what to do in the event that an emergency occurs.
One of the ways we have begun this process is donating our time to speak at local schools on career day. 
Contact us for more details and to find out how we can team up!

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward - Leonardo da Vinci

Discovery Flights

An imperative part to getting young women excited about aviation is letting them taste and experience flight. A first-hand experience with aviation, through an introductory discovery flight, is a great way for young women to explore flying and learn more about becoming a professional pilot.
Contact us today for more details!
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